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Monthly Archives: July 2012

The Financial Times’ Shrink and Sage are right – our lives do need a narrative

Do our lives need a narrative? It’s a question posed this week in the FT magazine’s The Shrink & The Sage slot. The conclusion both the FT’s regular psychologist and its philosopher come to is broadly, ‘yes’ we do. As … Continue reading

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Peter Higgs is right to enjoy being proved right – but for most of us it carries risks

Peter Higgs has finally witnessed the evidence to support his hypothesis that the so-called ‘God particle’ exists. It’s often suggested that this is a breakthrough on a par with the discovery of DNA. Nonetheless, what really struck me was the … Continue reading

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Why being in ‘the Cave’ needn’t be as bad as it sounds

BBC Radio Four has had an interesting series this week looking at the Cave. Over the last few days novelists, philosophers and historians have discussed the idea of “the Cave” and how it relates to their area of interest. How … Continue reading

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